What amp and cab you are using?

Last updated on 10 years ago
paul clifton
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Posted 10 years ago
Genz Benz Shuttle 3T10 combo. I was using TC for a while (RH450 with rs210, then downsized to BH250 with same cabinet) but I've come to realise they are style over substance - just a very modelled, boxy sound with no real high fidelity top end.

The Genz has been a revelation: light as a feather with clarity, punch and power. The S2000 comes alive through it. If I wanted a louder set up now I would stick with Genz and get a bigger head and an extension cab.
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Posted 10 years ago
Next Aug, I'll turn 40... I'm trying to conving my wife that this what I want:

One of these (tested yesterday, I love it):

Or its bigger brother . the Bass Strategy

and these two:



I promise I'd sell, some, of my current rig :D
My carbon graphite footprint:

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