Wanted: Streamline Gig Bag & Hard Case

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Posted 3 years ago
I recently picked up a Status Streamline.

It came with the MADAROZZA gig bag. I now see they are not built very well.

My mistake: It was a bit grubby, so I put it through the wash (we do this all the time with rucksacks, trainers, school bags and the like - never have a problem).

I feel so foolish now. The thing totally fell apart - so much so, it might as well have been a Donald Trump speech.

Can somebody please recommend a premium quality "buy once last a lifetime bag" that will perfectly fit a status streamline and provide excellent protection.

While I am at it, is there a compact snug fitting hardcase out there?

Many thanks in advance.

I now know what it's like to be a drummer with all this social isolation going on. :o

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Posted 3 years ago
Cant advise a gig bag as this is a pretty tiny bass, saying that I used a Fender Strat bag for my KB for a while and it was a good quality case. You might find one that fits your Streamline. My only warning is, that the tuners are easily bent. My gigbag fell off my shoulder and the bag with the bass hit a wooden floor. Upon inspection one of the tuners was bent. I managed to straighten it so it was still operable, but at some point I will have to send it to Colchester for a replacement. So if you get a gig bag, add some foam or padding to protect the tuners.

As for Hard cases, buy them from Status, they are great value and well made, plus they will cut the foam for you. They do full aluminium flight cases or (what I have) a Hiscox case, which I now use all the time following the tuner incident. Its not heavy, just a little less convenient than a gig bag.
Posted 3 years ago
Dear Garbo28, I fully agree. I need to clarify what I want.

For me, quality in a gig bag means three things:

"not falling apart"

"protecting from reasonable bangs, dings and splashes" - which in the worst case would mean "falling off your shoulder onto concrete", and "getting caught in the rain for 30 minutes" and "batting away a pint of beer like water off a duck's back"

"comfortable to carry"

It's there to protect something that costs the best part of £3,000 ... which is more than I spent on some of my cars.

For the flight case, it's more challenging. I'd like one that is recognized by their airlines that didn't weigh a ton. I would look at rifle cases, but for some reason, they attract too much attention at the airports. CadetDirect (who sell the rifle cases) also have a golf case that is approved, and I use this to carry guitars and all my laundry as extra packing. However, it is rather large, and sometimes, you just want a hard case that is one inch larger than the item it is protecting and is full of high density foam.

As they used to say to customers who would moan about price when buying a motorcycle helmet "if your head is worth £10, spend up to £10 on a helmet - any more is a wasted investment".
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Posted 3 years ago
What has worked for me is going custom
I wish I had a streamline, i don't, but I own a VMAN prototype (longer than a normal bass) and I am happy, quality and price wise with the order placed at DBM Case, here you can contact them and ask for a budget https://www.instagram.com/dbmcase/?hl=en
My carbon graphite footprint:

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