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Posted by rogertvr on 23-10-2021 01:13

Thanks for dropping by! The lovely people on here will know me already. I haven't posted due to a long-term battle with poor mental health that I am now - thankfully - beating into submission! I'm looking to sell my Status Graphite Buzzard 8-string. I will also consider selling my Buzzard 4-string. I'm not going to the trouble of photographing the instrument if there is no interest - I simply don't have the energy - but I will photograph it if anyone is a serious buyer. For the purposes of any potential sale - I'm located in the Midlands in the UK. I think that four Buzzard 8-string exist and I think my instrument is the last of the 4. The instrument has full provenance with the original flight case and all of the original documentation. I'm sure that Rob or Dawn at Status will be only too happy to verify it if required. I am open to sensible discussion and offers, with a view to selling, for a realistic price. Thanks for reading! Rog

Posted by moo on 27-10-2021 15:40

Hey Rog Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope you're getting through it! A Buzzard huh... Well that's as rare as rocking horse sh**! I know there's lots of people who would love to have one, I hope you find someone who has the cash! Cheers moo

Posted by kleinmelody on 10-11-2021 13:14

Hello rog, can I write you in PM

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