Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Nylon Tapewounds on my Status Electro 4 5-string

Posted by rologica on 05-10-2021 17:47

I am thinking about getting Tapewounds on my fretted Status Electro 4 5-string. Which brand and size would you think works and fits best, and why? Pfft Thinking about the Labella 760N-B, don't why actually.

Posted by handyandy on 05-10-2021 19:58

I have an Electro 5 string fitted with Labella 750t-b White Nylon strings. These were fitted by the previous owner, they sound fantastic. Even volume across all strings and get better with age. However according to the previous owner, the B and E are too large to slot into the standard tuning pegs so he replaced them with Hipshot Ultralites which have larger slots. An expensive solution! (I've add a picture for comparison with my Energy pegs - the Electro is the one on the top. Not a great illustration but you might be able to see the size difference) Hope this helps ...........[img][/img]

Posted by rologica on 06-10-2021 11:34

Hi HandyAndy, Thanks for your quick reply and photo infographic Wink. Back in 2010 I once had the Status Nylon Tapewounds on my Electro 4 5-string. Do you maybe know if these had the same thickness as the Labella's. They fitted just fine on bridge, nut and tuner.