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Posted by stbaldwi on 09-05-2021 10:06

Hello Statii: I am a new member, and I would confidently bet I am the worst bassist in the entire organisation. I've just got my Status 4000 bass out of its case for the first time in years. A magnificent machine that really deserves a better owner... My questions revolve around the specs for the guitar, and best practices for care and maintenance. I bought it second-hand over two decades ago. It has no documentation. I'm not even sure what the controls do. [I have a Fender precision which is easy - just two knobs!] I contacted Status who had no documentation on the bass either, and they pushed me in your direction! If anyone out there can fill in any of these gaping gaps in my knowledge, I'd be delighted to hear from you. What about the batteries for the pickups? It sounded pretty feeble after years of inactivity - but new batteries transformed everything. I presume the batteries should remain in-place? Or are they continually being connected/disconnected as the guitar is played or not played? Basically anything anyone knows about the 4000 would be new to me. Thanks in advance! On the subject of the Fender, that of course does not have battery pickups. But it too sounded quite feeble. Pickups do not last forever do they? Any advice on pickup replacement/renewal? How long they last, recommendations for new ones... Best regards Steve

Posted by andre on 12-05-2021 19:29

Hello Steve, Did you take a look at our other site There is a spec sheet for the S4000 which may help here I am sure other members will chip it to help. Best Andre

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Posted by Martthebass on 14-06-2021 11:06

I wouldn’t worry about the pickups, in general usage they should last the lifetime of the bass.

Posted by stbaldwi on 02-07-2021 15:16

Andre, Martthebass: Many thanks for your advice/info. Good stuff. Best regards Steve

Posted by pm on 05-07-2021 00:39

Concerning the battery...if you disconnect the plug out of the bass the battery is disconnected...but after years the battery is empty due to the normal discharging of the battery.