Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Hi from the Netherlands - Eventually looking to by a 5 string.

Posted by gklijs on 30-01-2021 10:24

Just going to keep on talking to myself here. As it turns out I don't really like shiny. So leaning towards all satin lacquer. With which the color teint would be hardly visible, so not really worth is. I think amber led would be neat, and calling her "Amber Stars". I'm also reconsidering if I really need/want the closer spacing and the pickups in different positions. On my current Yahama the pickup near the bridge also has a bit more room, which makes the sound almost the same of the pickup near the neck. It's hard to hear any difference changing the pickup blend, so having the pickup close to the bridge might actually be nice. From the status website de difference in width at the 12th fred is only 1,2 mm, for a 5 string going from the standard 18 to 16.5 mm. My fingers are not that long, but it doesn't seem like that 1,2 mm will help a lot with fretting. I also bough a splitter, so I should be able to use Rocksmith, while also hearing the sound directly from the combo.