Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Hiss / Noise in older electronics normal / fault?

Posted by Markus on 13-11-2020 03:55

Hello All! I recently bought a used Status S1 with the "Series 1"-circuit as shown on the Status Graphite webpage. The bass is lovely, it plays and sounds excellent. However, the bass introduces quite some noise / hiss which i do not like so much. So i already contacted Rob Green directly. He was so kind to reply, but could not judge from a distance (I live in Germany) if my circuit is damaged or if it is the normal behavior. So my question is, has anyone of you also experienced hiss in an older circuit? I´m considering to by a new circuit from Status, but if the hiss won´t disappear that would be no good investment, of course. Thanks for any replies! P.S: I know, I know, no picture, no bass, so is the picture of my bass visible when included as attachment???