Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: New kid on the block, whats the axe I got?

Posted by Garbo28 on 17-03-2020 13:33


whitewater wrote: Hi @Garbo28 that seems to make sense. Could you tell me, why definitly an S4000, not S5000? Did not manage to find out the difference between these two. As said, I'm sure, I'll go a long way with that thing, for its ugly (especially compared to it's wood-porn siblings), it's weird and it feels one of a kind. And of course, the sound is like back to the future when living in the 80ies Grin
I maybe wrong (and often am) but I believe the S5000 was a 5 string model, whereas the S4000 was a 4 string (which from your photos it seems to be). They do have a great sound, you are right in saying very 80's, however I used mine with a variety of pedals and amps and managed to play all sorts of material with it. It is a pity I never recorded with it, but my KB has always been the preference in that situation.