Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Series II - pickup problem?

Posted by LucienLaTulipe on 10-12-2019 11:03

Hello everyone, I've had my gorgeous #425 Series II for 10 years. After I moved to a new place last year, the bass has been lying in its case during months (you know, when all your stuff is packed until you definitely find a new home). I played it again yesterday and there's obviously a problem with the sound, like there's some distorsion/overdrive on it. It appears and goes worse when I turn the volume button on the bass. Looks like the 31 year old lady needs something to sound again like in its young days Frown Any tips on this? Thanks

Posted by Luc on 10-12-2019 15:55

The battery ?

Posted by LucienLaTulipe on 11-12-2019 23:25

Awwww yes, maybe, I'll replace the old ones and tell you, thanks

Posted by LucienLaTulipe on 13-12-2019 18:30

It worked! This feeling when you discover those 2 batteries you forgot all about... I'm retarded but at least I'm happy! Thanks Grin

Posted by moo on 16-12-2019 23:59

I'm retarded but at least I'm happy! Isn't that a Robbie Williams song??? Grin