Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: couple of serial numbers

Posted by bassbacke on 29-06-2015 02:40

I proudly own the following Status Graphite basses: Status Graphite S1 classic 4 string (active) serno 05043025 carbon neck, headless, medium scale (bendwell), Status Graphite Shark 4 string (passive, one PU) serno 1058, wooden neck, regular headstock Status Graphite The Groove Bass 5 string (active, cream) serno 0281728, wooden neck, "regular" headstock I do not know which year said basses above were build, I also know nothing about the woods used. Perhaps you could help out here. Not too important but still interesting (for insurrance purposes) is the original price. I could make pictures and post them hiere if that makes it easier for you to help me. I also own a Status Graphite 5 string S2 classic, carbon neck, headless but I got all the information I need about this one.