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Posted by matt summers on 08-01-2015 06:45

hi guys, time has come to take a break from playing for a while, going to be moving on some of my stuff and thought id better identify and price up my status energy, any one have any ideas? theres some numbers on the back of the head "2042" cheers matt

Posted by bassbus on 08-01-2015 07:02

Do you have any pictures? Energy's have had many guises over the years. A picture might help dating. EDIT: having looked at the database Andre's old Energy was 2293 in 1996, if that helps.

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Posted by matt summers on 08-01-2015 07:11

I have just not sure how to post them?

Posted by matt summers on 08-01-2015 07:13

Posted by matt summers on 08-01-2015 07:14

Posted by matt summers on 08-01-2015 07:14

Posted by Boris on 09-01-2015 06:18

Hi Matt I had serial nmbr 2764 which was an Amber Ash body which I purchased new from the Bass Centre in Wapping for £500, I probably still have the invoice for it somewhere with the year but Bassbass is probably about spot on. Yours looks like an ash body also with a maple neck, A walnut body version was also made. The routing on the battery compartment always seemed a bit severe on these as the face of the bass was paper thin above it!!

Posted by matt summers on 10-01-2015 02:09

ah that's great info many thanks and I agree the battery routing is a little harsh! its a fab bass to play and one ive found endless tones on. any ideas how much she might be worth ? if I do pick up playing again ill more than likely go up the range a little but stick with status for sure.