Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Status Series 4000 no 245

Posted by hansi on 20-11-2013 13:26

So Here is my Series 4000. It is a headless bass, most likely built in the early 90s' and mostly in very good condition. Whole bass made of composite materials so no wood in the bass at all. Originally bought it as an alternative to my Stingray but have kind of fallen in love with the way it plays so I'm already thinking about getting another Status soon. I need to go over the electrical system soon as there seem to be some issues with the transmittment from the pickups to the output, although that might just be dirty pots (which I am truly hoping it is). I am planning on changing out those plastic buttons for some niceer metallic ones and adding some straplocks since I tend to move around quite a bit on stage. Also dreaming of fitting fingerboard LEDs to it sometime in the future.