Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Refinish Status Energy 5 Walnut

Posted by garythebass on 31-07-2012 02:55

Hey Gary. Let me see the pics if you decide to refurb my old Status. If I had the time to do it myself you may not have got the oppertunity to purchase it from me.Regrets, regrets. Cheers. Ian.[/quote] Sure Ian, will do! Got a recording session and a couple of gigs to get out of the way, then a bit of a break for the holidays and all systems go! Feeling inspired by this refurb, and looking forward to seeing the finished result. Intrigued by the method used here with the rub-on glue. I was going to spray mine in satin polyurethane - anyone have comments on the pros & cons of the respective finishes please?