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Status-Graphite Guitars

The Status GMT guitar (1980 ...)

Birdseye maple top on ash body wing.
Graphite through neck.
25 1/2'' scale, 24 frets medium jumbo.
Phenolic fingerboard with no inlay.
No truss rod.
GMT Design pickups.
Active / passive mini switch.
Master volume and pickup balancer control.
Treble & bass control when active circuit is on.


The Status maple-top guitar (2004)

This version comes with a piezo bridge. In addition to the normal hum bucking pickups and controls an additional 6 individual piezo pickups are mounted directly on the bridge saddles which are then fed through to an "intelligent" active circuit. This circuit not only has a separate volume control to allow the pickups to be blended to any degree but it is also able to detect the presence of either a stereo or mono guitar cable. If a standard mono cable is used in the socket nearest the strap buttons both the magnetic and piezo pickups are fed through the same amplifier. If a Stereo jack is used in this same socket the signals are automatically split stereo and may be fed, through a single stereo cable, to different amplifiers or to different processors on a mixing console. If two standard mono leads are used the signals are split stereo through individual cables.

Guitar Specifications
Scale Length: 635mm (25")
Fingerboard material: Phenolic
Neck adjustment: Dual action truss-rod
Number of frets: 22
Fret dimensions: 2.55mm x 1.25mm (0.10" x 0.05")
Fingerboard Radius: 350mm (14")
Neck width at top-nut: 44mm (1.72")
Neck width at 12th fret: 53.25mm (2.10")
Neck width at 22nd fret: 57.2mm (2.25")
String spacing at top nut: 35mm (1.38")
String spacing at stop/tail bridge: 52mm (2.05")
String spacing at tremolo bridge: 55mm (2.16")

Average weight: 2.7 Kg (6 lbs)
Overall total length: 984mm (38.75")
Maximum body width: 337mm (13.25")

All Status Graphite Guitars use the same pickups and controls. 2 * Alnico hum bucking pickups, custom wound to
complement this unique instrument, are fed to a 3-way selector switch, master volume and tone controls. The tone control also has a push-pull coil tap to allow single coil / hum bucking modes.

These guitars are fitted with a dual-action tension-rod. This allows the individual player to fine tune the action to suit their own playing style. The truss-rod is accessible through a small covered slot in the front face of the fingerboard between the 21st and 22nd frets.

All guitars have a 10 degree lay-back headstock and graphite impregnated top-nut. This allows the strings to move smoothly across the top-nut.

More information here on the old Status website.

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