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A brief history of the moo-wood from TheMoo himself ...

The story of the wood...

In about 1998 my brother had a solid wooden floor put into his apartment in London. When he went to the Timber Merchants to select and pay for his wood he spotted 3 slabs of wood and asked what they were. The guy said "that's moo wood..." only joking, "That's a spalted ash from Siberia". You've just spent a fortune with us, if you want it, it's yours!! My brother took the pieces and intended on making a beautiful table but never got round to it. 3 years later he moved to Singapore and the wood was put (with his other stuff) into storage. 5 years after that we went down there to sort it out and found the wood. This was just after I bought Mrs. moo I and I made the comment "wow, that would look great as a facing wood for a King Bass"! Luckily it was coming up to my 40th birthday and so my brother said... Right, take it to Rob and see what he says. I took the wood too Rob and the first thing he said was "Don't get your hopes up. Many people bring wood to me but 90% of the time the wood is too moist and can't be used". Luckily, moo wood had been sitting around in a very dry environment for 5 years and was 'as dry as Ghandi's sandal'!! The rest is history!!

If you the lucky owner of a moo-wood bass, please let us know!

Owner Serial N Model Specifications Pictures
United Kingdom or Singapore
0706183 Kingbass, 4 string, headless Mrs Moo I
Book matched moowood facing
Walnut body
Gold hardware
16.5mm spacing
Blue front & side LED's
Production date: 07/06

United Kingdom or Singapore
  Kingbass,  4 string, headless & fretless Mrs Moo II

Mrs Moo II (before)

United Kingdom or Singapore 
  Kingbass, 4 string, headless & fretless

Mrs Moo III
Fretless 4 string, with white 'edge' LED's.

Back view    Side view
Mrs Moo III (before)

Northern Ireland
11063266 S2 Classic, 5 String, headless Specs:
Body: Spalted Burl Ash / Walnut / Utile
Body finish: Polyester
Neck: Woven Graphite Thru-Neck
Circuit: Board 302
Pickups: Status Soapbar x 2
Hardware: Black
Strings: Status Hotwires, Double Ball, 30-40-60-80-100
Additional Features: Plain Fretless
Tuning - EADGC

Body - Back - Full

0207198 KingBass-Artist, 4 string, headless AmberMoo
KingBass-Artist thru-neck, 4-string, 32inch, headless, bendwell
Neck: woven carbon graphite, 4-string, fretted, black phenolic fingerboard,
Amber front and side LEDs
16.5mm string spacing
Front wood: Spalted ash (moowood)
Back wood: alder
Finish: natural
Gold hardware, 2x soap-bar, board 302 circuit
Production date: 23/03/07


06073299 S2 Classic, 4 string, headless MooRebsy
4 string / headless / through-neck with a phenolic maple laminated wood fret board.
16.5mm spacing
Moo-wood facings

Modified 302 board, with an extra cut / boost pot instead of the boost / flat / cut switch. This lets you adjust the exact amount of mid frequencies to cut or boost, as well as the frequency it is working at.

This is the original piece
of wood used for the facings

  S2 Classic, 5 string, headless, fretless More information here

g-77   Kingbass, 4 string, headless Specs:
Body: Walnut
Top: Moo wood (custom tint)
Black veneer
Neck: graphite through-neck, Bendwell 32"
19mm string spacing
Black hardware
Front: white leds on mother-of-pearl dots
Side: white leds
Custom led control: 1. Off, 2. Side, 3. Front, 4. Side + Front (reduced brightness), 5. Side + Front full brightness

d4dve 05073297 Custom S2 Classic Bolt-on, 4-String, Headless Specs:
Date Completed: 13/06/07
Neck Details: Woven Carbon Graphite, 4-String, Fretted, Black Phenolic Fingerboard
String Spacing: Standard
Facing: Moo-wood (Spalted Ash)
Veneer: Black
Back: Mahogany
Centre Tone Block: Walnut
Finish: Natural
Pickups: 2 x Soap-bar
Circuit: Board 302
Hardware: Black
Custom Options:
Front Led's-Blue
Selected Spalted Ash
Gloss Polyester Finish on Body


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