Thread subject: For all things Status-Graphite :: Contact issues?

Posted by crgny on 29-06-2020 23:42

Is anyone else with an active order having difficulty getting a response from Rob and/or Dawn? I am at about 11 weeks since the order date (4/22) and have sent a couple of emails (starting with June 2nd) inquiring as to progress, but no response, whatsoever.

I do not wish to be a "pest" to them, so is it possible I am doing something wrong using either or to reach the shop?

Any input anyone may have will be greatly appreciated.



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Posted by moo on 01-07-2020 23:42

I would imagine they’re just struggling with the Covid thing.

The factory would have been closed for the past couple of months at least.

Be patient, they’ll get back to you I’m sure.