Thread subject: For all things Status-Graphite :: Hi from Australia

Posted by Paisley on 16-06-2020 09:30

moo wrote:

Not even Rob understands the Serial Numbers he used!!!


Glad you're loving your Status. They are superb basses.

If you have a look at 'The Database' you might be able to find another one similar to yours which might give clues to the age!

Cheers; thanks for the reply. Smile

Haha; yeah I suspected the serial number may have had little to nothing to do with the build date. Grin

I'm curious more than anything else; I've seen a few other Sharks & they all had a printed six digit serial number, however mine just has an inked on 4 digit number (it's actually faded to the point where you can just barely read it).

Good idea about the database; I'll go through it later & see if I can find any numbers in the same range as mine.

Cheers! Smile

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