Thread subject: For all things Status-Graphite :: Wanted: Status Streamline 5

Posted by petebass on 12-09-2020 07:56

cecoulter wrote:
Please don't forget to post sound samples when you get it. I have been intrigued about the Streamline bass for a LONG time and would love to get on! I play mostly jazz and to most gigs I take an electric upright bass AND a bass guitar. The streamline would make my equipment carrying so much easier... not too mention on the occasional flight, I could get a custom flight case and fit both the Electric upright and Streamline easily.... BUT I can not find any legitimate videos /sound samples of the Streamline. 99% percent of videos of Status basses are people slapping "Mark king style".... I need to know if a Streamline would have a warm/ growling sound that would fit well for a walking bass line....No jazz players (that I know off) play Status basses.... It is hard to guess since it is all graphite.... Hence my hesitation to get a used (or new ) version.
Many thanks in advance and congratulation on the new Status order!

No problem, I'm not a jazz master by any stretch, but I can knock out a walking bass line that will give you an idea. You'll have to be patient though, I won't receive the bass for ages yet.

FWIW, I have another option for you to consider. I have a tiny Ashbury electric bass that has rubber/gut strings that sounds very close to a full size double bass. When I say tiny, I mean tiny. It's uke sized. And it wasn't expensive. I'll post a clip of that as well if you like.