Thread subject: For all things Status-Graphite :: Hello from US/Japan/Belgium

Posted by Garbo28 on 01-08-2019 16:06

[quote]Flying thumb wanna be wrote:
Do you know if Status factory has basses on display to try on? Since I live in Belgium right now, I might take this opportunity to make the pilgrimage to the birth place.

Anyone been to the factory?? [quote]

Hi Takeo, I am sure like many others, I have been to the factory when I went to collect my Kingbass, they are lovely people, even got a cup of tea Smile . I was obviously there to collect my order, however they did have a number of other basses, some I am sure were customers, but some I recognised as the stock basses advertised at the time on the website. I would imagine if you are serious about ordering, they would let you visit (as it is appointment only) but I am sure would not be able to guarantee that a particular model would be available for you to try. However, if this is the case maybe you could try a number of basses that have the elements you are looking at?

The bass amps (A Trace Elliot rig and a TC rig as they were when I visited) are in Robs lab, as are the basses being finished, so given he is a critical part of a small business they might hurry you along, but it is understandable. You can always call them and find out.

Good luck to you