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Posted by andre on 16-05-2012 09:13

Thanks to Sir Todd for his comprehensive post on HOW TO POST PHOTOS ON A THREAD (reproduced here for your viewing pleasure!)


Newer members commonly have difficulty posting pictures on a given thread. Those of us who have been here a while do our best to explain the procedure, but I thought it would be best to use graphics to demonstrate how simple it actually is. As you may have already been told, pictures are VERY important when trying to sell an item or even more important when showing off that proud new acquisition!


First thing you need to do is have a hosting site to upload your photos. Most popular and free sites would be or (I've made both these links clickable, so no excuses!).

Once you join either of these sites, simply upload the desired photos.

After the photos have been uploaded and saved, you will notice a sharing menu for each photo. One of the options provided will use something like this "[IMG]" at the beginning and end of its link ( without the quotations marks of course).

Simply "copy" this link, then paste it in your post, like this......

And there we have it, done!!!!!

No more excuses, anyone not following these simple guidelines will be punished in accordance to the laws I see fit, which may include confiscation of Statii or membership disqualification. End of!

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