Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Matrix Series I (V) Sounding Fuzzy when digging in

Posted by ghost3005 on 12-07-2021 13:40

Hi guys, My Granddad bought my Matrix V back in 1993 (i know because i have the reciept), and i kind of inherited it after he passed. It is still in great condition, however when I play out on any string, it starts fuzzing/buzzing - both through my amp (GK MB110) and Interface (Scarlett 2i2). The bottom 2 strings are worse than the other 3, but all of them have this problem if I play any louder than quiet. The bass being active, I don't know if this problem has something to do with the batteries, or maybe with the pickups? Either way, any diagnosis/help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Will

Posted by SLOW HAND on 16-07-2021 16:06

You probably need to replace the batteries Smile