Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: First time string change and Fret board cleaning

Posted by hairy tongue hairdo on 25-12-2019 18:52

I have a Stealth 4 String Fretless. I'm going to be changing the strings and cleaning the fret board (sparingly), with some WD 40 for the first time. I use double ball strings. Is there any procedure,or order for taking them off/ putting them on, that will minimize neck movement, and truss rod adjustments? I know Graphite is very stable, just wondering what to expect. Thanks in advance for any help.

Posted by Garbo28 on 27-12-2019 22:46

No procedure, the necks are so stable you can take all the strings off and it wont move. I don't know about the WD40. I have only ever used a furniture polish on my KB neck and body, which is what Mr Green used on my bass when I collected it.

Posted by hairy tongue hairdo on 28-12-2019 18:33

Thanks for the reassurance. On the Status Site, I think it's in the FAQ'S , that WD 40 is safe for the fretboard only, not the body, and to use it sparingly. There's more detailed directions. Thanks again, and Happy New Year