Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Long time owner, sad times

Posted by whitewater on 18-01-2023 00:40

First, concrats @shahid for your recovery, you did everything the right way. I understood, that Rob might still care about established customer relationships, despite not entering new ones. That said, I'd give it a try and politely ask for his advice. IMHO any luthier should be able to do a fret dressing (I'm gonna give a "Plek Service" a chance next time, which is a computernumerical and laserscan based procedure, which takes the curve under string tension vs. no string tension into account, but this is definitively not necessary). A refret might need some experience with the ebonol fretboard, but again no witchcraft imho. For the pots/electronics, again, every able guitar tech should be able to take care about the pots, and I'm afraid, nearly everyone (incl. Rob) will suggest to discard and replace the old board if there is more to do then replacing pots or switches. I would not do anything about dents in the Gelcoat of the carbon neck. If this is really your hearts desire, I'd ask at least for Robs advice forn a compatible resin. Baseline, either Rob might offer some help himself or recommend someone to you who knows about this stuff. Always worth a try. I won't cue up after @Danish, assuming this beauty should have a 15mm Stringspacing (or 60mm overall) at the bridge, which is not my cup of tea, still wishing you many more years of good health and fun playing it.