Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Long time owner, sad times

Posted by moo on 26-11-2019 20:06
#6 There it is ‘clickable’ Very sad you have to sell your beautiful bass. More sad news is that, although in my (and many others here) opinion these basses are superb in every way and should carry a high second hand ticket price, they just don’t fetch that much money. I have 2 5 strings... one series II and one Empathy. I paid £1,200 & £950 for them. They are both in immaculate condition. I think you will be very hard pushed to find that €3,000 price tag. Having said that, these basses are less and less frequently seen on the market. So you might get lucky! I wish you all the best with your sale and hopefully someone comes along who is looking for exactly that and is willing to pay What the bass is worth! Moo

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