Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Long time owner, sad times

Posted by shahid on 25-11-2019 21:18

[img][/img] I am the proud owner of a Series II 5-string headless, circa 1986/7, serial number 008, red flamed maple with carbon graphite through neck. I have owned this bass for over three decades and through good times and not so good times, was never tempted to sell it. Until now. Over the years, the bass seems only to have become more beautiful. It lasted longer than my first marriage, it's older than my grown up children and it is simply the most beautiful thing I have ever owned. On the Status site, Rob writes that selling the original S2 is the biggest regret of a bass player, or so he hears and I can believe it. I noticed that the remakes (only 14!) were going for close to £6K. When I last met Rob about 15 years ago or so, he mentioned that my model was in serious demand. That said, I am now facing persistent hand issues and can no longer fret any instrument. These issues, due to Type 1 diabetes are unlikely to go away. In my experience, when something goes unused, it finds a way out of your life on your terms, or its own terms. So I'm now thinking about selling it, so that someone who loves these incomparably beautiful instruments can benefit from a model that is probably among the greatest instruments ever made. I've no idea what I can expect to get for it, but I'd love to get some kind of indication of how much I could expect for my beloved 008. (With apologies for not being able to work out how to get the image link at the top to work!) My name's Shahid by the way, and I'm a long time video game developer who had a few interludes into music.

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