Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: S2 Classic vs Kingbass

Posted by sgh42 on 28-07-2019 22:29

Just wondered how the S2 sounds compared to the Kingbass, has anyone got experience of both? Cheers, Steve

Posted by Sonic Groove on 30-07-2019 18:19

Probably not too much help to You but I have a S2 Classic & a Kingbass. However the S2 is a 6 string so a lot more Graphite & Wood going on. But I would say I think Kingbass's have a diffrent unique sound probably due to the size & scale but IMHO sound slightly different to other Statii. Both mine sound like Status basses (if you get what I mean) But the S2 has a more piano like quality & the KB has a more well kingbass quality LOL In an ideal world it would be great to try both as 4 strings together (or for me try a KB 6 string but I have never even seen one in the flesh) But hey yeah --- just get both!!! LOL Brendan

Posted by sgh42 on 31-07-2019 20:51

Thanks Brendan, just take me to the money making machine & yeah I'll take both! I've never played an S2 classic but am guessing that the KB has more mid to top end?