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Posted by DEEDEE on 05-02-2019 17:56


aarts wrote: Wondering what the exact moment was that Rob started producing the S2 Matrix. Cause when I peek at the catalogues section I find a French and English review, both from '91 about the introduction of headed basses. But on page 5 of Brochure 4 (which is from 1988) there is already a choice given between headless and headed. So now I'm a bit confused. Btw: my S2 matrix has serial 104. However I don't quite understand Rob's procedures, while there is an old warranty with the bass with all the specs of it, but........without the date of completion. Strange, isn't it???
I share your confusion. I'm just awaiting delivery of the one from luckylips that is currently on the for sale forum and trying to understand what was called what, when and why seems a bit of a minefield. So far I seem to have established the following although I would welcome any more learned members to correct me: When first introduced the headed options were initially signified by the ‘Matrix’ suffix so an S2 Matrix, Empathy Matrix etc. The Matrix name was then used as a model name in its own right and so headed basses thereafter no longer had a different identifying suffix, they were just known as a S2, Empathy etc headed or headless. Also, was it at this time that the 'cricket bat' wider graphite through body (i.e. visible from both sides) was discontinued or did they continue with an option of both the narrow and wider types of construction? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

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