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Posted by Danny on 22-03-2018 03:39

It's been so long since I put up a new post I forgot how to do it! So we don't discuss bridges that often and as I did a recent retro fit on my jazz of a BABICZ bridge, which by the way is awesome, it got me thinking. I looked at all the bridges on all my basses to decide who I thought had the best engineered design. Status Music Man Warwick Sandberg Fender Aria Squier So if you are familiar with the babicz design it keeps the main part of the bridge where the strings cross, in contact with the base plate, genius design, in turn puts more sustain and resonance through the body. Do people prefer the current individual bridges that Status fit? The Sandberg is particularly nice, the warwick is very 'Alembic' in style as it kind of has a tail plate. So, a poll to get things moving??? What do you prefer??

Posted by Jeroen on 23-03-2018 20:10

I don't really have a clear preference on bridges, as long as they are easy to adjust, solid, dependable and easy to restring. I therefore do prefer bridges where the strings can just be hooked into, like the Hipshot style A, ABM Mueller, or ETS bridge. The Warwick bridge is nice too, I like it a lot on my Streamer LX5. I don't like the looks of it though, it's so big!

Posted by moo on 26-03-2018 05:29

The BEST by far is the OLD Status bridge. Perfection!

Posted by Danny on 09-04-2018 01:14

Oh, I don't think this thread created as much interest as hoped. I'm sticking my neck out and saying my mono rail S2 bridge are a bit rubbish, look nice but thta's it. I get the theory but I don't think it delivers enough resonance through the body. People must have a preference or opinion? If not, oh well I tried to raise a discussion not usually discussed.