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Posted by Danny on 21-12-2008 15:12

Hey chaps, not having owned a status yet I was wondering how they stand up to affected sounds. A big part of my old live set up was using an envelope filter/ phaser. Now then, because the status seem very bright and middley can I assume the envelope will react differently, i.e will I need to turn the bass up more to compensate or is it just a case of 'wait till you get it and find out' as different pedals and basses react differently? Secondly, running Logic 8 and recording bass/using effects. Are they very clean basses to record with? Are they very 'hot' going into the board or would a DI be preferable. How do you guys record? Preamp? Straight into the sound card/desk? Sorry it's a bit vague, just looking for a few tips and general consensus. If there is a previous thread based on this could you direct me, ta Danny. PS I know middley isn't a real word but I know you know what I meanSmile

Posted by andre on 21-12-2008 15:23

Hi Danny, Personally I use a Native Instruments USB audio interface and Guitar Rig 3 into Logic 8. I am sure other members with recording experience can give you more/better tips !

Posted by rogertvr on 21-12-2008 18:14

I've got a load of effects in the mixer I use, but the main one that I use often is a Morley Pro Flanger. I have to say that my Stealth 2 sounds AMAZING through it! I'd say Status instruments stand up really well to effects.

Posted by pmaraziti on 07-03-2011 12:57

I sue tons of effects live and recording. I've recorded both using my pedalboard in front of my M-Audio soundcard and Logic Pro 8 or direct into the soundcard. My experience that sound stays pretty modern and somehow naturally compressed at times (even when direct in was used). Overall the sound is very clean and that's what I want when I record... I can then take the track and EQ as I want... and I'm lately also trying to record clean and send the clean signal into a loop with my pedalboard to apply effects and record it back.

Posted by Danny on 10-09-2011 10:24

Well, looking at my original posting again. I have been recording a lot again lately doing the second album. I have used some of my effects, some old, some new. The bottom line is they are all a bit noisy! If I can recreate it using software I do, If I can't I don't, simples! A lot of noise gets lost in the mix anyway, I was recording a vocal the other day and could hear a jet areoplane through the mic, it was such a good take I left it in, in the mix you could not hear the background noiseGrin