Thread subject: STATII.COM: For all things Status-Graphite :: Status and effects

Posted by Danny on 21-12-2008 01:12

Hey chaps, not having owned a status yet I was wondering how they stand up to affected sounds. A big part of my old live set up was using an envelope filter/ phaser. Now then, because the status seem very bright and middley can I assume the envelope will react differently, i.e will I need to turn the bass up more to compensate or is it just a case of 'wait till you get it and find out' as different pedals and basses react differently? Secondly, running Logic 8 and recording bass/using effects. Are they very clean basses to record with? Are they very 'hot' going into the board or would a DI be preferable. How do you guys record? Preamp? Straight into the sound card/desk? Sorry it's a bit vague, just looking for a few tips and general consensus. If there is a previous thread based on this could you direct me, ta Danny. PS I know middley isn't a real word but I know you know what I meanSmile