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Posted 17 years ago
Hi friends,I'm new here.
I'm about to make my dream (for two decades) come true - buying the S-2 (I sold my '78 Fender Jazz Bass for this...), but I have to know a few things.
I played these basses but really not enough because where I'm from, there are only two guys with that bass.
I can recognize the sound of the S-2 from miles and I LOVE IT.
I'm asking for objective and unbiased opinion about this bass in terms of:

1)) SOUND - how is it compared to other top basses such as: Tobias basses, Fodera basses, Pedulla basses, Warwick basses, and such...? I mean that I played these basses many times and they all sound great with lots of highs and lows, they all have a very high output and they sound punchy but fat. They also come out and hold everything together even with a noisy band and a bad soundman.

2)) A WORKING TOOL - I know that the S-2 is THE best slapping bass and soloing bass as well. But can it be a good working tool and give the necessary ground for every kind of music without pissing the musical director off?

3)) My favorite sound adjustment is playing with the bridge pickup only, but the problem is that in lots of basses (even the Fender Jazz Bass) playing with that pickup only can't hold the bottom.
Can the S-2 kick a man's face and stomach,and make everybody move their behinds with one pickup?

Thanks for reading this long and tormenting thread, any reply will help me.
all the best to you all...
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Posted 17 years ago
I don't think you would be dissappointed in any of these areas, they are so versatile, with many different sounds, which is why they are used for many types of music, from country, old fashioned rock and roll, to funk and jazz. what amp/speakers are you using? hope this is helpful . :p
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Posted 17 years ago
thanks muso69ang, my amp is a Fender BXR 300W. I know its not a great amp but it kicks nice. I have a friend with a Tobias bass (it was built befor Michael Tobias sold his company to Gibson) and he has the BXR 300W also, and the Tobias sounds like heaven.
more replys, please...:)
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