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Frank Klein
Posted 4 years ago
Hi all,
I'm just in the process to configure a new status 4 string king bass I'm planning to order soon. Here are a few questions:
a.) 19mm string spacing (as standard) seems to me a bit wide. Well, I know it's dependent on the size of the hand. However, I have measured my Basses I have at home - the string spacing is rather 15mm.... (I bought those basses 'from shelf' - so no possibility to customize, so I would rather consider this as standard). I think I will choose 16,5mm. Any experience / comments on this? Are there any players out there playing with 4 string 19mm?
b.) I would like to have a headless with 32" scale 'BendWell' option. I would be interested if I will get double ball stings easily (in any shop) for that size of the neck (for a reasonable price). I prefer changing the strings frequently, - so this is an important cost factor to me….
c.) LED at the front would be nice. Is there a good reason to have LEDs on the side (would save some cost)?
d.) Anything else you would advice? Would there anybody - eventually even from Germany - I could contact to have a chat?

Thanks a lot & kind regards
Posted 4 years ago
I have an S2 4 with 19 spacing and no problems. I also have an S2000 with 17mm spacing and an S3 5 with 16.5 spacing. I don't have any problem moving between them. It really comes down to personal taste.

The point of the 32" scale on the bendwell is that the standard strings can be used but give you a shorter playing scale. The length from string retainer to tuners/bridge is still the same as a 34" scale bass. Strings will not be a problem.

LEDs I have never needed so can't help there.

Don't be afraid to contact Mr. or Mrs. Green mutiple times. They are both very helpful and can sort anything out for you.
Junior Member
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Frank

1) I have 19mm string spacing on my KB, I also have little chubby hands, the neck is slightly flattened on the back so fits my hands fine, I have no problems with reaching anything, however with the KB, because of the shorter top cutaway, the bass does hang naturally a little further to your left, so you may have a stretch a little further for the F. I have smaller spacing on my Jaydee and I often swap between them, never a problem
2) Double Ball End (DBE) strings are rarely available in shops, there are plenty of options on line though and with most strings it depends on the tone you want. I have used Status Hotwires, Elites etc etc, all good. At the moment I have single end DR High Beams, which sound amazing. With the string clamping (a grub screw at the neck end) it is still easy to change the strings.
c) The only reason for side LEDs is if you are playing in dark venues, where it is difficult to see the fret markings
d) You can not go wrong with a status, I have owned 3, all brilliant. My KingBass is the best thing I have ever played/owned. Just pick your spec and order, and remember Dawn has excellent taste in facing woods :)
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