Level 42 Anniversaery Bass EAN number

Last updated on 6 years ago
Posted 6 years ago
Can anyone tell me, what is the EAN number for an Amber Sunburst Level 42 Anniversary KING Bass?
Cheers, Rad Paul
B1, L42 Anniv, Streamline 4, Ibanez 8 string (birdseye maple), ’74 Ricky (mapleglo), ’75 Tele , Alembic Spyder, & Stanley, Stenberger XL2 & XM2A. Greco/Zemaitis short scale. Currently using: B2, Zemaitis BMF-4, ‘14 Fender Slab Bass relic, Genz Benz/Markbass, Sheehan pedal, Empress compressor, Blue Tail boost.
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Posted 6 years ago
An EAN if I am correct is a type of barcode which is unique to a product and manufacturer? I don't think you get one of these unless you register with a barcode issuer and then you can buy a set of unique codes which are then specifically for your product (so when someone scans your Sony TV, the scanner wont say its a can of baked beans). I am pretty sure Status don't issue barcodes for their products, given each one is different (tone woods, headstock, facing woods etc) and an EAN code refers to a specific configuration. Otherwise they could start selling them at Sainsburys.... Now that would make the weekly shop more interesting :)
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