Made a bitsa Status??

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Posted 17 years ago
I have 3 lovely Statii, all energys. 2 graph 4 strings and a wood neck 6.

BUT I had a mad idea - I always liked the old all graph Steinbergers (cricket bat things), but they are now stupid money and the new ones are using Moses necks which are just not in the same league as Rob's wonderful creations.

So - has anyone used a Status headless bolt on neck and bridge unit and mounted it to a new body shape?

I understand that Rob wouldn't be able to make the body as the shape of the Steinbergers is under license, but there is no reason why I couldn't do it, or get a local luthier to make the body and assemble it.

Then I'd have the ultimate Status jam / travel bass!!

What do you think?
Posted 17 years ago
Im sure Rob would make you an S2 with the horns chopped off :D
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Posted 17 years ago
i was thinking getting a XP shaped body for made up for my s3000 but sold it before i had a chance.
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