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Werter 06-11-2022 11:32, 4 months ago
Re: Status KingBass 4-String Bass Artist with front- and side-LEDs
Hey there fellow Statii's,

up for sale is this beautyful KingBass Artist located in Germany.

The Serial-Number is "0502023", so im guesssing it was built in 2002.

There are no scratches or whatsoever on this Bass, just normal usage for its age.

What is worth mentioning is that the golden hardware is wearing off on some spots.
See pictures:
Everything on this Bass works perfectly!

If you need more information or pictures please contact me :-)

The price i am looking for is 3.800,00 Euro (negotiable).
augustus 21-09-2022 15:41, 6 months ago
Re: Status S2000 5 string fretless
I'm selling my Status S2000 5-string fretless bass made in 1989-90, one of very few made in this series.
The bass is located in Italy.

For pictures and details, please check

BASSLONDON 02-09-2022 14:21, 7 months ago
Re: 1997 Status Empathy 5 string headed for sale
Sad to see this go after so many years. I just don’t play it enough to warrant tying up this much cash that I could be giving the energy companies instead😣.
Looking for £2700
There is a small chunk at the top of the neck and a small bash on the neck along with a couple of marks on the lower body and it’s picking up a little white floss around the bridge but in the main in fabulous condition for a 25 year old instrument. Electrically no issues comes with the standard Status monogrammed Hiscox case. Sounds thunderous but alas not my instrument of choice any more. Any queries don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. Available for collection in London weekdays and some weekends of at my home in Kings Lynn most weekends. I will courier but really at this level you don’t wanna be chancing such a beauty to the postman!
Pics available shoot me a message

Cheers Craig
smsmith1290 29-08-2022 05:52, 7 months ago
Re: Status Streamline Headless Bass for Sale
4-string, 34” scale, with fretted fingerboard.
Carbon fibre body and neck with natural high gloss finish.
Original owner. Mint condition. More details and photos on Reverb:-
shortlist 05-07-2022 12:14, 8 months ago
Re: *** SOLD*** Status Stealth II - Red Tint - Red side LEDs ***SOLD***
richleemusic 21-06-2022 16:16, 9 months ago
Re: Groove Bass for sale
Hi guys

I have a 1999 (I think!) Groove bass for sale. Has a few marks - behind the top horn and a blemish on the neck (check the pics) neither of which can be seen from the front. Finished in Claret, 2 band active EQ with switch, lovely sounding trimax pickup. Plays like a dream; can be a jazzy passive workhorse or an active slap monster! Nice chunky gig bag included. £750. Based in South Yorkshire, rather not ship, but give me a shout. Cheers!
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cecoulter 29-04-2022 17:57, 11 months ago
Re: Status Barracuda 5 for Sale in California
This bass has been sold.
Thank you.
hamster hands 28-04-2022 18:20, 11 months ago
Re: Thinking about selling my July 2019 Status Graphite Stealth 2, Fretless 4- String Headless Bass Guit
Thinking about Selling my July 2019 Status Graphite Stealth 2, Fretless 4- String Headless Bass Guitar, Serial # 05193976 Asking $2,400.00 Plus S&H to be determined later. Sorry ONLY US offers please. This bass is in excellent condition, and has never left our smoke free home. After every use there was a few pulls of the compressed air trigger, wiped down, with a D'addario dry cleaning cloth, before being put back in it's case, and stored in the closet. There are some very, very small minor nics, 3 to 4, I think, and one very small chip to the polyester at the truss rod opening. All of these require very close inspection to be seen. If there's any interest, I'll provide detailed photos.

Details: One -piece Woven Carbon Graphite Moulding, Lined Fretless, Black Phenolic Fingerboard with front & side dot markers. 34" Scale,

16.5mm String Spacing, High Gloss Polyester Finish, Black Hardware. Upgrades include Paramatrix Eq and 2x Tri -max pickups with 3 way Coil switching. Fitted with straplocks. Originally set-up with Status Hot Wire Double - Ball Hex Core strings 45-65-85-105, but due to some superficial wear on the fretboard,(which would only get worse with time), recently switched to ghs Pressurewound Bass Strings 44-106 Medium. In January of 2022 I had the fretboard resurfaced and set up with the ghs pressure wounds, by The Chicago Bass Doctor, Carl Pedigo. The bass has been played very little since the resurfacing. Comes with the adjustment tools and ships inside the original HISCOX case. JMHO, instruments need to be played. Life has truly gotten in the way of that. If I can't make music, noise, nonsense, with it, then someone else should be able to. Thanks again.
cecoulter 12-04-2022 00:10, 11 months ago
Re: Status Barracuda 5 for Sale in California
I have decided to put up my Status Barracuda 5 string bass for sale.
This bass, as with all Status basses, sounds amazing and is a joy to play!
I bought it a music store a couple of years ago and only used it twice… It is in great condition.
The bass weighs 11.5 pounds. It heavy, but that is why it has a powerful sound.
The bass has been modified with Bartolini 59 CBJD L1/LN1 jazz bass pickups and a Delano Sonar 2 pre amp. It sounds amazing with this new set up.
I will also include the original pre amp and electronics that came with the bass.
Please note that I kept the third hum-cancelling pickup in place, but it is not currently connected as the Bartolinis I had a tech put on are hum-cancelling.
The original pickups and pre amp will require the third. This is why I kept it in place.
35-inch scale. 18 mm string spacing.
The original electronics are the same as the Trace Elliot T- basses.
It has separate volume for each pickup, treble, and bass control.
The electronics have a passive/active switch for the active electronics.
That switch is currently not in place as it is not possible with the Bartolini/ Delano set up.
I think the bass sounds like a perfect Jazz bass with the new set up.

Bass is located in Los Angeles.
I am willing to ship to UK and Europe at buyers expense.
Pay Pal only please to protect both of us.
I am selling it for $850 US dollars plus shipping.
Thanks for looking!

Here is link to my pics of the bass.
Raspatue 10-01-2022 12:10, 1 year ago
Re: Status S2 Classic - New
Hi Statii.

I need to sell my new Status S2 Classic bass as i have too many basses.

This Status was made in 2021 and has never seen a stage or a rehearsal room. It has only been played a little at home.

- S2-Classic, Bolt-on, 4-String, Headless, Bass Guitar
Fretted, Black Phenolic fingerboard,
- 2 x Soap Bar (Coil Tap)
Board 303
- Gold Hardware
- Roman Numerals on fingerboard
Two-piece Utile Body with Faux Binding
Custom ‘Satin Black’ finish over body
Coil-tap switching to both pickups
Satin finish on back of neck
- With Status Hiscox case

It is located in Denmark/Europe.
Shipping is possible

3500 Euro
Rene69 12-12-2021 12:50, 1 year ago
Re: Status S2 NT wrap arounds
i want to trade my S2 34"with ziracota top, this bass is new... never played with this bass on a podium!
trade with a kingbass artist 32", with leds please
pics will be follow soon
when you are interested, you can whatsapp me for pics.. 31 61470 3226
propably i sell the bass??? costs: 4460 euro newprice
wal4string 15-11-2021 15:43, 1 year ago
Re: Status S2 Classic 5 string with bendwell and blue side LEDs plus mono gig bag
Status S2 Classic 5 string with bendwell and blue side LED's plus Statuss Hard case and mono gig bag.
£2800 ONO

Bass lives in Hereford. UK

Images here

SOLD subject to usual
kleinmelody 10-11-2021 12:14, 1 year ago
Re: Status Graphite - Buzzard 8-String
Hello rog, can I write you in PM
moo 27-10-2021 14:40, 1 year ago
Re: Status Graphite - Buzzard 8-String
Hey Rog

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope you're getting through it!

A Buzzard huh... Well that's as rare as rocking horse sh**!

I know there's lots of people who would love to have one, I hope you find someone who has the cash!


rogertvr 23-10-2021 00:13, 1 year ago
Re: Status Graphite - Buzzard 8-String
Thanks for dropping by!

The lovely people on here will know me already. I haven't posted due to a long-term battle with poor mental health that I am now - thankfully - beating into submission!

I'm looking to sell my Status Graphite Buzzard 8-string. I will also consider selling my Buzzard 4-string.

I'm not going to the trouble of photographing the instrument if there is no interest - I simply don't have the energy - but I will photograph it if anyone is a serious buyer. For the purposes of any potential sale - I'm located in the Midlands in the UK.

I think that four Buzzard 8-string exist and I think my instrument is the last of the 4. The instrument has full provenance with the original flight case and all of the original documentation. I'm sure that Rob or Dawn at Status will be only too happy to verify it if required.

I am open to sensible discussion and offers, with a view to selling, for a realistic price.

Thanks for reading!

TheGreek 18-05-2021 14:57, 2 years ago
Re: Status Stealth Graphite 6er on eBay
Not mine - thought there must be somebody who would be interested in this.
gklijs 18-04-2021 07:21, 2 years ago
Re: Trade my USA Steinberger Headless Graphite for a Status
You should use something like for the images. Now it's a link that only works on your pc.

Good luck on the trade/sale.
ValleyArts83 16-04-2021 18:17, 2 years ago
Re: Trade my USA Steinberger Headless Graphite for a Status
Hey I have a beautiful All Original 1990 Steinberger Q4 Headless Bass which I am hoping to trade for a Status, it has a beautiful Graphite Neck (17mm spacing), and it has a beautiful White (Now an off white) Body, It is all original, and has it's original Steinberger case. If anyone is interested in a trade let me know, the bass is also for sale.
I'm Located in the UK
I'm Not sure how to upload a picture of it, so if you're interested please PM me

EDIT Not sure if this will work But ill try and upload a photo anyway
handyandy 16-04-2021 06:15, 2 years ago
Re: Status branded tuners for sale
Mark_ir 13-04-2021 01:28, 2 years ago
Re: Status branded tuners for sale
Are these still around?
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