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Jaydee Roadie II for sale
If anyone is interested; a lovely Jaydee Roadie II has come up for sale (see link below). I know its a great bass as I used to own it Smile

I did a lot of work to it (well the lads at Jaydee did). When I got it, someone had ripped out the handmade pickups and put in some cheap horrible electronics, including an active circuit even the Russian military couldn't identify! All the brass was tarnished, it hadn't seen a polishing cloth in years. The guys at Jaydee made new pick ups and covers, rewired the bass and cleaned and polished every component and when they put it back together it was astounding. I played it for a few years, but unfortunately family financials come first and I had to let it go.

So pick up a bargain (given this is 1984 vintage and a new one will set you back £1320 and you will be waiting about 2 years!) its up for £995.

Working Link:
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sgh42 wrote:
Working Link:

Thank you sgh42 Smile
Add one string and I'll grab it ! Shock
andre wrote:
Add one string and I'll grab it ! Shock

I'm sure if you ask nicely they will put an extra string in the case, you just wont be able to use it on the bass that's all Smile
Ha ha !!!
Lovely bass.

Shouldn't hang around for too long!!
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I hate seeing ads like this...sold both of mine for significantly less than this...
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Is this still for sale?
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