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First time string change and Fret board cleaning
hairy tongue hairdo
I have a Stealth 4 String Fretless. I'm going to be changing the strings and cleaning the fret board (sparingly), with some WD 40 for the first time. I use double ball strings. Is there any procedure,or order for taking them off/ putting them on, that will minimize neck movement, and truss rod adjustments? I know Graphite is very stable, just wondering what to expect. Thanks in advance for any help.
No procedure, the necks are so stable you can take all the strings off and it wont move. I don't know about the WD40. I have only ever used a furniture polish on my KB neck and body, which is what Mr Green used on my bass when I collected it.
hairy tongue hairdo
Thanks for the reassurance. On the Status Site, I think it's in the FAQ'S , that WD 40 is safe for the fretboard only, not the body, and to use it sparingly. There's more detailed directions. Thanks again, and Happy New Year
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