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Deciding between an S-2 Bolt on and Streamline
Dear all,

I am all set to order an S-2 Bolt on 5 string bass. but I am now having second thoughts if I should get a Streamline bass instead.
I have always loved the look of the Streamline but never really took it seriously.
But because I travel a bit to play at different jazz venues and I already travel with my NS design electric upright bass, it might make sense to have a custom anvil case that would fit both the electric upright and a Streamline. It would be impossible to do that with a full size bass and paying the airlines to travel with two instruments is getting really expensive....
Can anyone comment on the sound differences between the S-2 and Streamline. I can not find any decent videos online of either one.
Living here in the US it is close to impossible to go check one out and play it.
It the Streamline too harsh sounding? Or just as warm and mellow as the S-2 can get?
I play mostly jazz so I would need a bass that can get the warm upright bass type of sound and the “jaco tone” from the rear pickup. I know other Status basses get those sounds with no problem.... But what about the Streamline?
I would love to travel lightly with the Electric upright and the Streamline, but not if it does not sound right....
Though this is not with a Status bass, it has a Status neck and this gets the jazz type sounds perfectly.

Thanks in advance!!!!!
2000 Status Eclipse Custom 5-String
2009 Status Smart Bass 5-String Fretless
1993 Yamaha TRB 5
1930's German Upright Bass
2012 NS Design CR4T Electric Upright Bass
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