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Customs, tarriff and import taxes
hairy tongue hairdo
Hello, and thanks for any help. I live in New Jersey. I'm almost ready to place an order for a Stealth 4 string fretless bass. I'd like to avoid any unpleasant surprises. What customs charges, tariff, and import taxes, as well as any other charges, will I have to deal with? If I could get a ball park figure, a range of what the possible costs might be, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your help, and best wishes to everyone for 2019 and beyond.
When I've bought things from outside the EU, I'm in UK, I've had to pay these extra charges. They have added anything up to 30% on top of the cost of the item plus the delivery charge. I can't speak for US rules but that might give an idea. These extra charges are invoiced to you by the courier company not the point of sale. In UK we can pay for customs charges, import duties and VAT (sales tax).
hairy tongue hairdo
Thanks for your help. I wish that I could find out ahead of time, just how much extra this is going to cost. Thanks again.
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