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What's the best STAND for Streamline???
I have a 4-string Streamline currently under construction, and before it gets here ( in a couple months!) I want to have a nice stand ready for it.

I have numerous very nice Hercules triple stands - but they do not work with headless :-)

So I was wondering if any current (or former) Streamline owners could chip in and recommend 'the best stand for Streamline'.

I'm hoping for one of those A-frame typa stands, but a very STURDY one. I did a little scale mockup in Corel and it looks like the stand 'arms" would either have to be five or seven inches apart in order for the bass to be firmly seated.

I used to have a K&M years ago, was wondering if anybody here was using them for Streamline?

Something like https://produkte.k-m.de/en/product?info=1235&xca81f=ce413c3fdb25de5d28d8ab260f3ffc85

Nobody here has a 4-string streamline??

Or are these basses just so good that nobody can put one down?Smile

I have heard a suggestion about using a Hercules stand: ( this one: http://herculesstands.com/international/products/fretted-and-bowed-instrument/guitar/single-stands/gs405b/ ) - but it was for a Stealth, not a Streamline...

The GS405b is said to measure 5.25 inches center to center of the two bottom forks...
Edited by rockandroller on 03-11-2018 04:26
Just to confirm, I now have the Herc GS405 b and it is a good fit for the Streamline 4.

Its "forks" line up EXACTLY with the two strap buttons, so the bass sits nicely on them.

You do have to be a little precise on the placement, but it doesn't move once you get it placed.


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