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Status Barracuda 5 String
Status Barracuda 5 String - £679 shipped Mainland UK - No Trades

Up for sale is my pretty rare Status Barracuda 5 String. A Status Super Jazz type instrument.

Barracudas are a Status all wooden necked basses with graphite rods through the neck.
Matched Amazaque wood is the material for the body and the neck.
Very similar instrument to the Trace Elliot T-Bass of the same period. I believe that just a relatively small number of Barracuda's were manufactured in the late 1990's after the Trace Elliot partnership with Status had ended in the Mid 90's

Very good condition given the age (c. 1998?) - a few scars and scuffs as shown in the pics, also some wear on the bridge pickup cover.

Active Bass & Treble EQ
EQ Bypass Switch For Passive
2 hyperactive Status J Type Pickups, plus the one dummy hum canceller (it is just a coil no poles).
2 Octave Rosewood fretboard
Zero Fret
Weight - 5.1KG
Beautiful bass!!!!
Are you willing to ship to USA?
2000 Status Eclipse Custom 5-String
2009 Status Smart Bass 5-String Fretless
1993 Yamaha TRB 5
1930's German Upright Bass
2012 NS Design CR4T Electric Upright Bass
cecoulter wrote:
Beautiful bass!!!!
Are you willing to ship to USA?

Possibly - I have replied to your private message.
Still Available...
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