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No Subject

I’ve just purchased a second-hand S-3000 (the first Status I've owned and played but not the last!!!!) and it plays like a dream but is set-up like a bag of nails, it is in need of a professional set-up, can anyone recommend a good tech in the south? if not are there any guide lines on setting up a headless bass.
The number on the end of the neck has a stamp 060, can anyone put a date on it?

Many thanks in advance.

The "south" of where? France? Italy? Argentina?

As for setup specs, have a look on the Status web site in the FAQs under 'Information' on the left menu. There are some guidelines for that there.

For a year have a look in 'Catalogues and more' at the top of this page. Lots of info on all Status basses in there.
Unfortunately for everyone else I own the best Status bass ever built. Pfft

YouTube - https://www.youtu...shelf_id=0
If you mean the South of England, then try Ian in Bognor at http://www.string-instrument-repairs.co.uk/. I have used this guy for years for everything from guitars, to basses and to even modify an EUB for me.

If you mean the South of Argentina, then it might be a little out of the way Smile
Oops, Yes South of England.

Many thanks Guy's
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