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Tonal variation on Status designs
Hi guys!
I'm toying with the thought of getting a Status 6-string bass.

I was just wondering if you have any specific thoughts about tonal difference between neck through and bolt on necks on Status basses? I know that there are certain beliefs regarding this issue when it comes to basses made of wood, with better sustain on the NT side and punchier and snappier for the BO side.

But when the neck material is composite, are the same tonal differences as clear as on a wooden bass? That being said, I'm not sure I agree totally on the strength of these differences in the first place Grin

I was also wondering how big difference there is in tone from a totally 100% composite bass (the Stealth, for example) vs a combination of wood and composite, as on the Series 2 and 3.

Thanks for your input!!
It has been noted in the past that neck through Status basses have quite a sparkly, clear tone. The bolt-ons have a slightly warmer tone. The two basses I have ordered from the factory have been bolt-on as I like a darker tone.

The difference in sustain between neck-through and bolt-on is negligible. Mr. Green has commented on this in interviews. Custom made bolt-ons tend to have very tight neck-to-pocket joints. I remember at Overwater there was a bolt on bass hanging from the wall by the neck. It had no screws holding the neck in but the body was not moving from the neck.

Graphite necks will have dead spots in the same way wooden necks have.
Unfortunately for everyone else I own the best Status bass ever built. Pfft

YouTube - https://www.youtu...shelf_id=0
Thank you for your answer! :-)

So, neck-through a little more sparkly and clear than bolt-on, and in the same manner, I would assume that a Stealth would be every more so, then? Is that a valid assumption? :-)
I got to chirp in. Unless you are putting sound waves through an ocilloscope I doubt you'll be able to tell.
The bolt on are equally as good in every aspect with the addition of any issues means the neck can be removed.
I have a thru neck S2 and have never really been bothered by the extra millisecond of sustain or clarity. If you want a warmer tone, leave the strings on for longer Grin
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