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Gordy basses look familiar... (???)
Just came across this searching randomly. Handbuilt in the UK in 80's and beginning of 90's apparently... The shape is familiar from the bridge to the headless end of the neck!
Anyone knows the truth?
Edited by LucienLaTulipe on 10-04-2018 19:37
Seem to remember these.

100% Status rip off obviously.

Never seen or played one though!
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From what I can find, these basses were hand made by Gordon Whitham, ex partner in the Gordon Smith guitar business, in Manchester, England.

In 1979 Gordon Whitham and John Smith founded Gordon-Smith Guitars in Partington, near Manchester. Gordon Whitham left after a few years and moved on to making his Gordy guitars but Smith kept the business name and still produces quality instruments today.

Gordon Whitham made quite a few Gordys, there seem to be a lot of custom models out there. Gordy guitars worked out of the Coach House behind Volvo motors on Wash Way Road in Altrincham. But they aren't there now...


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