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bad back to bass
Hi fellow bottom enders, new member here. After quite a few years lay off from playing bass, I've decided to re-focus my acoustic endeavours back to the four string. The main reason for the lay off being spinal surgery and a permanently weakened back/left leg....blah blah blah. Anyway, I'm currently considering a few models to buy, but should really be thinking practical and looking for something light weight. Currently chasing an Ibanez SR4000e, but I also spotted a lovely looking status s3000 which I'm thinking should be a bit lighter than the norm and more practical to weild should I ever venture out into pub rock land. I want something that has good tonal variety and lends itself to that "toppy/slappy" sound, is light weight and easy to throw around, good quality build. Budget £800 max. Thought it worth asking for advice here before I empty my wallet, as I have been informed that some status models can weight quite a bit. . Hopefully someone can recommend a few good online second hand dealers as well.

Well a streamline will offer you all those things, not too many used kicking around but I'm sure you'll find one on the usual bass forums. Are you UK based??
Basses by Status, Sandberg, Warwick, Music Man and Fender. Aguilar and Eden Amplification
yeh, based in N Wales
I can't say what would suit you, but I can tell you to avoid an S4000. I have one and it's a great bass and you'll get a mint version for around £600, but due to the composite body, its like strapping on a coffee table! Really heavy!

Actually a Shark (active version) is often good value, tonally is very good and it's a small light bass. Often overlooked I find, but anyone I have heard who has owned one seems to regret selling it on. I picked mine up for less than £400. Good luck
Streamline 32"/16.5mm without a doubt is your best answer.
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