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Low B on a 4-string?

just wondering if anybody tried to use a low B-string on their 4-string to tune it B-E-A-D...

Do you guys think a Status 4-stringer with a graphite neck trough contruction would suffer from this?

Thanks for any input!

'85 Series II #140
'09 KB MK-II 5 custom
'13 KB Paramatrix
Jonathan Black
Hi Stefano,

I've done that in the past on my wooden neck basses - had zero issues.

It would take a damn sight more more to cause a graphite neck to structurally fail! so be assured the additional tension will not effect it. - at most you may have to do a very minor truss rod adjustment, but considering the original graphite necks didn't even have a truss rod... i'd doubt you will even have to do that!

Few thing to consider:
The size of the nut (you may need to file it down for larger gauge B strings)

How "floppy" the strings are (can lead to fretbuzz etc) - this can be fixed by using higher gauge strings. or a longer scale length of the guitar,
4 string bass guitars tend to be 34 Inches - i know of a few players who custom ordered basses to 35 inches, so the strings are a higher tension thus play lighter gauge strings in the B-E-A-D configuration without having to worry about buzz.

Pretty much all 5 & 6 string basses tend to be 35inch + scale. Slightly off topic but i believe Carl Thompsons 4 string basses are 36inch scale!

Hope that helps,
Hi Jonathan,

thanks a lot for your detailed feedback!

To be honest, about 10 years ago I had already done it on my old Series II which does not have a truss rod and it worked fine.

Just wanted to know if that could have caused any issues on the neck...

'85 Series II #140
'09 KB MK-II 5 custom
'13 KB Paramatrix
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