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STATUS Series2000 Sno:432
For sale is a STATUS Series 2000 Four String / Fretted SNo: 432
TB42 Electronics with switch between EQ or Flat response.
This is the later version of the bass with a through-body woven graphite neck, phenolic fingerboard.
A woven carbon graphite outer shell / rock maple core.
Two Status Hyperactive Hi Resolution pickups.
Colour is black/gold hardware with a beautiful golden graphite weave.

I've owned this bass around 6/7 years. I bought it via Ebay from a chap in the UK which is where I am too.
I was looking for that particular Mark King Status sound but this one sounded very different, very bright, almost JD-like.
Comparing the circuit with my other S2000 TB4 it was apparent the circuit had been modified.
I bought a new TB42 from Rob but couldn't fit it myself due to a metric / imperial difference in the pot spacings.
The bass also had a curious small internal rattle.

So I decided to let Rob Green look at the bass, modify the holes, fit the circuit and diagnose the rattle.

I got the bass back recently and it now sounds fantastic: like a Series 2000! It plays far better too after a fret skim/level and proper set-up.

After inspection Rob has no idea what the internal rattle is, but is satisfied that there is no structural issues that will affect the bass or its playability in the future.
I can supply emails that confirm this if required.
Rob also fitted new gold strap pins that are more in keeping with the hardware as I never liked the black ones which were badly scuffed, and a new jack output socket.

Also included is a lovely padded gig bag that can be seen in the included photos.
There are some scratches and chips on the body present since I bought the bass that can also be seen in photos on request.

Looking for around £1400 with serious offers considered.
A swap for a Series 2000 fretless also considered.
Prefer not to ship overseas.

Edited by Graphite-Dreamer on 26-07-2017 00:00
Status Series 2000 (Sno:30)
Status Series 2000 (Sno:419)
Status Series 2000 (Sno:432)
Westone Thunder 1a Fretless (Sno:5110971)
Used to own: JD Mark King Pearl Pink.
None of those links you supplied for photos work. We need to see pics Shock
- Status Graphite SII 5-string #99,
- G&L L-2500
- Washburn AB10
- MarkBass CMD102P
Nice. Me want.Angry Is there any photos of the scratches and chips mentioned above ?
Very nice, a tad pricey if it does have blemishes but all the same a tidy bass! Lets hope it stays in the statii family!
Basses by Status, Sandberg, Warwick, Music Man and Fender. Aguilar and Eden Amplification
Lovely Bass, I'm tempted but I'm really looking for an SII.
Edited by UKLooney on 05-06-2016 17:34
Lovely but just too much dollar Shock
I must point out that some of those photos showing the back of the bass have window/light reflections.
Those are not marks on the bass.
There are little chips on the rear top edge as seen in one pic and light scratches on the bottom edge directly under the Volume knob.
There are no scratches on the fretboard end, left/right of the string retainer; again it's reflection.
I'll also point out these were all present when I bought the bass.

There is a short video of me playing the bass after it was fixed up by Rob Green.

Pricing seems an issue so what would you guys suggest to get a sale?
Status Series 2000 (Sno:30)
Status Series 2000 (Sno:419)
Status Series 2000 (Sno:432)
Westone Thunder 1a Fretless (Sno:5110971)
Used to own: JD Mark King Pearl Pink.
Hi, still for sale your S2000 ?

How open to negotiation are you on price

I had a headed version of this bass a few yeRs back and regret selling so looking to acquire something similar

Also where about are yo as would ideally line to see and feel before committing


Is this still for sale?
yes this bass is still for sale and I'm open to sensible offers.

Has only been played a couple of times since getting it back from Rob having had new electrics TB42 and rattle diagnosis and setup completed.
See photos above in other threads.


Status Series 2000 (Sno:30)
Status Series 2000 (Sno:419)
Status Series 2000 (Sno:432)
Westone Thunder 1a Fretless (Sno:5110971)
Used to own: JD Mark King Pearl Pink.
Thanks but as of this morning I bought a streamline so I'll have to pass
Very nice bass. I own one and I love it.

Good luck with the sale !
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