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Happy Birthday Andre!!!
Happy Birthday to our great and forever young admin Clap Clap Clap

Status S2-Classic 5 headed
Status Stealth II 5 headed
Status S2000

Status Series II 6 headed (sold)
Status Energy 5 (sold)
Happy Birthday Sir Andre!!! ClapClapClap

Have a fantastic day and another great year buddy.

Good job Nicola!
4 Asians, 2 Brits, 1 French and also some basses
cool kid, 11 candles like short nina Grin

ciubecca: is that a cake or a pizza??? GrinCool
moo-wood-kingbass artist '07
green S2000 fretless
markbass micromark

Life on earth may be expensive,
but it does include an annual free trip around the sun
My carbon graphite footprint:

Status KingBass Paramatrix
A Status-surprise

Lobbying to have a Status B3 designed!
Auguroni André!!!
'85 Series II #140
'09 KB MK-II 5 custom
'13 KB Paramatrix
Darren Goldsmith
Many Happy Returns, sir! Hope you've got the day off? Smile
Status Series II - #397
Jonas Hellborg Signature
King Bass Prototype #1
King Bass Prototype #2
King Bass MkII Prototype #002 (The Stuttgart Bass)
Happy Birthday Andre.
You haven't changed all that much.
Fat Rich
Many happy returns!
Well done Andre, you made it through another year! All you have to look forward to now is more sight loss, hearing loss, hair loss, weight gain and graphite gainGrin
Basses by Status, Sandberg, Warwick, Music Man and Fender. Aguilar and Eden Amplification
Phantom NIN
Happy Birthday Andre!
Drew, owner of:

Status Streamline 4 32"/16.5mm
Status Streamline 5 32"/16.5mm

TC Electronics Rebelhead 450
RS 2x10
RS 1x12
Thanks very much everyone, you made my day!

Keep up the great friendship on this forum; it's made by you for you!

Nicola, thanks for the beautiful birthday card!
Darren, no I did not !!!
Me4Bass, hey where did you find that pic of 1981 ???
Danny, if I loose any more hair, I'll look like Todd !!!
Happy Birthday Andre! Hope you have a good one! Smile
diagnosis dave
Happy birthday 'admin fella'! I hope you are having a good one! Grin
Energy 1991
Energy 1995
Stealth 1 1996
Energy Special Edition 1998
Buzzard 2 1999
(all headed, all 4-string) Smile
Joyeux anniversaire André !!
Meilleurs voeux.
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